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We offer instruction in Flamenco and classical Spanish dance for students ages 4 to adult. All classes are bilingual. There are performance opportunities all year long.



Flamenco del Sol builds strong foundations in knowledge and execution of Flamenco and Spanish dance while promoting self-confidence, teamwork and a healthy lifestyle in a comfortable and friendly environment.  We offer a unique badge program where dancers are challenged to earn badges for skill execution, theoretical knowledge, and theatrical performance.  Our children have the opportunity to perform in at two large academic productions per year in addition to numerous community events.  Some are also invited to perform in our professional theatrical productions.


Flamenquitos (ages 4-6)   1-2 hours per week 

This introduction to creative movement focuses on short combinations of steps including flamenco footwork and braceo, introduction to castanets, counting, and following longer combinations while exploring movement, patterns and space with simple flamenco rhythms.


Niños I New Beginners (ages 6-12)   1-2 hours per week

New beginners will be introduced to Flamenco and Spanish dance, including instruction on historical and key figures, focusing on the Sevillanas choreography as a tool to unlock counting in 12 as well as unique footwork and braceo. We explore various flamenco rhythms, and continue castanet instruction as an instrument and as applied to steps.

Niños II High Beginners (ages 7-12)   2 hours per week

These students will possess a basic to advanced understanding and execution of all four Sevillanas, some with emerging castanet accompaniment.  We will continue to learn about historical and key figures, perfecting the Sevillanas with castanets in preparation for level III, as we explore additional flamenco rhythms with more rapid sustained footwork.


Niños III Intermediate (ages7-13)   2-3 hours per week

These students will have shown a complete understanding and execution of all four Sevillanas with castanet accompaniment. We will go deeper into flamenco rhythms and explore a number of full choreographies with increasing speed and intricacy, adding implements such as the fan, shawl and tail.

Youth Development (by invitation)   3.5-5.5 hours per week

These students will have completed all previous levels or equivalent and possess the technique and maturity necessary to move into a more intensive study environment. They will be introduced to complex forms of flamenco and castanet playing while joining adult level III technique, choreography and repertoire review classes.  These students may be invited to attend certain adult level master classes with visiting professors from Spain.




Our focused comprehensive classes pair leveled technique courses with equivalent leveled choreography courses. These two-hour blocks allow our students to build firm foundations in technique to unlock corresponding leveled choreography, preparing them for deeper study in the art form. 

Adults are welcome to attend any and all classes weekly as part of the monthly tuition.  Higher level students frequently attend multiple classes and days per week.  Lower level students are encouraged to challenge themselves to the higher level classes when they feel ready, always with the caveat that they are guests in that level and the instructor will not slow down.


  • Adults I Technique/Adults I Choreography

  • Adults II Technique/Adults II Choreography

  • Adults III Technique/Adults III Choreography

  • Adults III Repertoire Review

  • Castanet Technique multi-level

  • Solo Sevillanas multi-level



Our group cajón clases give dancers and non-dancers a deeper view into the world of flamenco rhythms.  Students play in every class, exploring how to support the dancer, guitarist and singer.  Students have the opportunity perform in our academic and community productions.



We offer kids a great alternative to typical summer camp.  Flamenco del Sol is ‘all flamenco all the time’, and so is our summer camp!  We offer a truly fun and unique educational experience where all daily activities:  cajón, theater, theory, technique, choreography and crafts tie into a central theme and are delivered in context, resulting in a meaningful and memorable week of flamenco experiences!


We offer workshops with dance stars direct from Spain like Angel Rojas, Mariana Martinez, Carlos Rodriguez and more.


Flamenco del Sol offers an interactive in-school dance experience for grades K-12 that gets everyone on their feet! Students experience an interactive ‘informance’ where they observe dance performances by members of our troupe and learn basic Flamenco dance moves.

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The Flamenco del Sol professional dance company has captivated audiences nightly at Universal Studios City Walk as well as SeaWorld, Epcot Center Food and Wine Festival and many other fine venues throughout the U.S. and Caribbean since 1999. Director Tammy Weber de Millar has a Master of Science in Spanish Education and has dedicated her career to teaching Flamenco and well as Spanish language Pre-K through college level including over fifteen years as a publisher, conceptualizing and developing World Language materials for K-16 markets.

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